• Gold Edition fancy nectar straw.
  • Bubbler center body for purified hits.
  • 10mm Titanium Nail included.

Dabs don’t get better than this! When you want a bubbler nectar straw for chilled, clean hits, grab this Nectar Collector Bubbler Straw.

The main body of this straw is a water chamber, ready for dab vapor to be brought in and purified. The included titanium nail will heat up fast to vaporize your favorite waxes and concentrates in a few short seconds.

Everything comes neatly packaged in a collector’s box and includes a clip to keep the nail tip on and a glass dab dish.


We carry this product in an assortment of colors. The pictures above do not reflect our current selection. Each order will receive a random color.

Weight 0.71 lbs
HoneyStraw 2.0 Nectar Collecto...

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